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ТЕМА: Another great day at Volleyballhub
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Another great day at Volleyballhub 15.05.2018 14:21 #1227


Volleyball Hub did it again…this time twice in a day! Last Sunday 29th April we delivered two fully booked SVCs on Defence and Attack. Coach Francesca Secchi ran through the defence technique of the lateral fall and the correct execution of the hit (outside/opposite), breaking down the movements to guarantee an accurate performance. The twenty-four participants learned how to execute the fall correctly, from the starting position through to the roll, did drills for the dynamic defence and defence commitment. Moving on to the hitting technique, Francesca explained the correct loading of the arm and use of the wrist as well as the steps of approach to the ball and the crucial aspect of timing. Part three of the session blended all the individual parts together and the drills were focussed on the accurate control of the ball in a defence situation and the choice of the type of hit. The clinic ended with fifteen minutes of game situation where it was possible to appreciate the results of the work done that far.

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